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Time to say Good bye to dry brittle Locs. Apply our Loc Shine two to three times a week directly on to your Locs to eliminate dry brittle Locs. Works best if you apply our Hydration mist first then loc butter then the shine.

Our products are all light oil based so your Locs will not have any build up. 

Rich Natural herbs and Lemongrass.This  oil will create clean scalp, soft hair luxurious hair. Works great when you spray with our Hydration Mist before applying oil to scalp. Oil is very light weight. Known to promote Hair growth, moisture, shine and nourishment.

Our Loc Butter Adds and Seals Moisture in hair to prevent breakage and aiding in hair growth. For best results use with Hydrating Mist and Moisturizing oil.

Bundle Includes

1 - 8oz Loc Shine

1 - 8oz Moisturizing Oil

1 - 8oz Loc Butter